It Began With A List

With 45,000 of the most active and highest earning distibutors in the industry our list is like nothing the industry has seen since 2003.


Distributor sales people make up the backbone of our database, and that means your message gets delivered to decision makers!


A 5 to 1 response when compared to other email lists.


45,000 top distributor sales people from within the United States. These are the top revenue generators you need to reach.


Full tracking let's you know just how productive your blast has been.

Just A Few of Our Powerful Features

45,000 top distributors Highest level of industry response The definition of email Results so strong they can crash your server The brand distibutors trust

A Blast From The Past

SmartBlast began with an idea 2003. Technology was going to change the world, and communication could be instant. Direct mail became snail mail and faxes literally faded. Email was colorful, interactive, and immediate. SmartBlast became the email brand the industry has come to trust.

SmartBlast succeeded based on results. The best performing list in the industry, and a reputation for creating leads and orders out of thin air. We intend to do it all over again. Email is no longer email. It's SmartBlast!

Our happy clients


"We have always been please with the results from our weekly Smartblasts but todays result was "off the scale"!!! The traffic generated crashed our server and we have huge server capacity. Wild...!!! I would recommend SmartBlast to anyone...just make sure you have enough bandwidth"

John Graham, Flash Drive Direct

"The response from our first SmartBlast was overwhelming. Within the first couple of days we had over 100 responses. We have also received many orders directly from the SmartBlast. It is an easy, inexpensive way to get your promotions out to over 25,000 distributors!"

Sue Oakes, Marketing Director, AAkron Rule Corp.


"Since we have started using SmartBlast our delivered emails have increased and we are touching a larger customer base. Their service level is excellent and we appreciate their hard work and support of our business. They are always trying to improve our marketing tools to allow us to be a leader in our industry."

Janet Bodeen, Marketing at Trimark Sportswear Group

"I have used other so-called blast email companies offering better pricing and services.....but there is no one better then SmartBlast. For every response I received from the other so-called companies, I receive 5 from SmartBlast. That is a 5-1 ratio! WOW."

Glenn De Baca, Marketing/ Sales Manager, APOLLO/ AMC Wear


Some fun facts

2003 Year First Blast Sent
45,000 Blasts Sent
500k Leads Generated
1000s Orders Placed

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